Mongolia Investment Summit


Building on the success of Hong Kong’s first annual Mongolia Investment Summit in 2010 and brought to you by the team behind Mines and Money Hong Kong , the Mongolia Investment Summit returns in 2011, doubling in size and bringing together even more foreign investors and Mongolian-based project and companies.

Why is Mongolia such a hot investment prospect?

Mongolia offers the foreign investor a dizzying array of major projects and investment opportunities.

Mongolia’s Oyu Tolgoi and Tavan Tolgoi rank as two of the world largest unexploited mineral deposits. However while OT and TT are receiving the headline coverage at present, they are just two out of 15 designated strategic deposits in Mongolia to be developed over the coming years.

And the Mongolian growth story is about more than mining. As the economy grows, so does the need for enormous investment in infrastructure to support this growth. From export infrastructure , power generation and energy projects to hospitals , schools , financial services and property development , Mongolia offers investment and development opportunities at every turn.

Mongolia Investment Summit 2011 features:

  • An enlarged exhibition bringing together more Mongolian companies and project opportunities than any other event in Hong Kong
  • Updates on the development and listing of Tavan Tolgoi
  • An extended two-day conference programme featuring 32 company and project spotlight presentations
  • Senior government officials and leading independent experts sharing their insights into the climate for foreign investment in Mongolia
  • In-depth analysis of the key issues impacting investment in Mongolia
Next Event Date: 25-27 October, 2011
Venue: Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong Mongolia Investment Summit